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We ship to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and worldwide.

We guarantee the best price and fastest delivery on all our products. is the official brand distributor of Red Paddle Co inflatable stand-up paddle boards and all Red Paddle Co paddles and accessories in the Middle East. is the official brand distributor of F-One Kites and all F-One boards, foils and wing surfs. 


Once upon a board, Red Paddle Co-founder, John Hibbard, realised there might be a better way of doing things. It was 2008 and paddleboarding was just getting going. As he paddled along on a heavy composite SUP, he had this crazy idea that it could be made better with an inflatable board. 

It wasn’t just a hunch either. Having spent over a decade as a full-time, sponsored competitor on the professional windsurfing world tour, John was getting pretty weary of pleading with, and generally avoiding airline check-in staff due to the mountain of cumbersome windsurfing kit required for his numerous international trips (it was tough, but someone had to do it!). A problem, he realised, that every paddleboarder the world over would have to face if they wanted to travel anywhere with their standard hard board.

As he paddled, he pondered on this thought. On one hand, the sport of SUP was set to allow pretty much anyone to enjoy the world around them from the water, unlike any other watersport before it. On the other hand, how many of those people had enough room to store a 12-foot board, let alone a vehicle to transport it?

Something had to be done.

Red Paddle Co founder, John Hibbard, talks us through the history of the brand and takes us on a journey of discovery, adventure and innovation.

Find out how it all started, learn all about our values & brand ethos and how far we’ve come since those humble beginnings in 2008.

Red Paddle Co was born out of the mission to introduce the sport of paddle boarding to everyone. It has taken them 10 years, a lot of blood sweat and tears to master the craft of making the very best inflatable paddle boards. They call this craft Tec Air.

Their extensive research and testing ensures they meet their high expectations, before a single product goes into production and by managing their own production process they have complete control and can dive into every detail, at every stage. This is what really sets Red Paddle Co apart.

They are obsessed with making the best, safest and most reliable inflatable paddle boards in the world and this is how they do it…

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